regen testnet start

Launch an in-process multi-validator testnet


testnet will launch an in-process multi-validator testnet, and generate "v" directories, populated with necessary validator configuration files (private validator, genesis, config, etc.).

Example: regen testnet --v 4 --output-dir ./.localnet

regen testnet start [flags]


      --algo string                 Key signing algorithm to generate keys for (default "secp256k1")
      --api.address string          the address to listen on for REST API (default "tcp://")
      --chain-id string             genesis file chain-id, if left blank will be randomly created
      --enable-logging              Enable INFO logging of tendermint validator nodes
      --grpc.address string         the gRPC server address to listen on (default "")
  -h, --help                        help for start
      --minimum-gas-prices string   Minimum gas prices to accept for transactions; All fees in a tx must meet this minimum (e.g. 0.01uregen) (default "0.000006stake")
  -o, --output-dir string           Directory to store initialization data for the testnet (default "./.localnet")
      --print-mnemonic              print mnemonic of first validator to stdout for manual testing (default true)
      --rpc.address string          the RPC address to listen on (default "tcp://")
      --v int                       Number of validators to initialize the testnet with (default 4)


  • regen testnet - subcommands for starting or configuring local testnets
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