# Regen Ledger

Regen Ledger is a public Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain application built with Cosmos SDK (opens new window). Regen Ledger provides the infrastructure for ecological assets and the verification of claims.

# Regen Mainnet

Regen Mainnet (opens new window) is the primary network supported by Regen Ledger. When referring to the Regen Network blockchain, we are referring to Regen Mainnet. Regen Mainnet is powered by the official REGEN (opens new window) token and there are currently 75 validators securing the network.

For more information, check out Get Started: Live Networks.

# Redwood Testnet

Redwood Testnet is a test network with the same configuration as Regen Mainnet. Developers can use Redwood Testnet to test out features in a stable testing environment. Unofficial REGEN tokens can be redeemed using a faucet.

For more information, check out Get Started: Live Networks.

# Block Explorers

The following block explorers currently support Regen Ledger:

# Wallets

The following wallets currently support Regen Ledger:

# Community

Have any questions, comments, or new ideas? The following community channels are the best place to start for technical topics related to Regen Ledger: