Redwood Testnet

This document provides information about available node endpoints for Redwood Testnet and how to interact with a node using the regen binary. For general information about Redwood Testnet such as supported block explorers and wallets, see Regen Ledger Overview.


Node Endpoints

The following RPC endpoints are for full nodes operated by RND and VitWit:

Testnet Tokens

To interact with Redwood Testnet, you'll need some testnet tokens. You can redeem unofficial REGEN tokens using the following command:

curl -X POST -d '{"address": "YOUR_REGEN_ADDRESS"}'


To interact with a node on Redwood Testnet, we first need to make sure we have chain-id and node properly configured for the regen binary.

To view your current configuration, run the following command:

regen config

The above command displays the configuration in the ~/.regen/config/client.toml file. This file can be updated using the same config command along with key-value pairs (see below).

Chain ID

The chain ID for Redwood Testnet is regen-redwood-1. When using the regen binary to communicate with a node on Redwood Testnet, you need to update the chain-id in your configuration.

To configure the chain ID for all commands, run the following:

regen config chain-id regen-redwood-1

Node Endpoint

When interacting with a live network, you need to connect to a remote node or have a node running locally that is in sync with the network (in this case, Redwood Testnet).

To configure the node endpoint for all commands, run the following:

regen config node