# Using State Sync

Regen Mainnet and Redwood Testnet support State Sync (opens new window), which allows node operators to quickly spin up a node without downloading the existing chain data.

Although convenient, only a limited number of nodes should be spun up on the network using this method as these nodes will be unable to propagate historical data to other nodes.

Export a node moniker for the script to use:

export MONIKER=<your-node-moniker>

Download and execute the state sync script:

For Regen Mainnet:

curl -s -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/regen-network/regen-ledger/main/scripts/statesync.bash | bash -s $MONIKER

For Redwood Testnet:

curl -s -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/regen-network/testnets/main/scripts/testnet-statesync.bash | bash -s $MONIKER