Tendermint Postgres Indexer

Tendermint provides an option for node operators to index transactions and eventsopen in new window. Transactions and events can either be indexed in a kv indexer or psql indexer.

This document provides instructions for setting up a psql indexer.


  • Docker >=20.10
  • Postgres >=v14.5
  • Tendermint >=v0.34.15

Repository Setup

The first step is to create a new repository that will be the home of the indexer.

mkdir indexer
cd indexer
git init

Schema Setup

The next step will be creating the schema for the database. We will be using the tendermint schema available hereopen in new window.

curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tendermint/tendermint/v0.34.15/state/indexer/sink/psql/schema.sql > schema.sql

The above schema creates three VIEWS:

  • event_attributes
  • block_events
  • tx_events

Docker Setup

The next step will be creating a Dockerfile in the root of the repository with the following content:

FROM postgres:14.5-alpine

ENV POSTGRES_DB regen_events
COPY schema.sql /docker-entrypoint-initdb.d/


CMD ["postgres"]

Postgres Setup

Now that we have the schema and dockerfile setup, the next step is building the docker image and starting the postgres server.

Build the docker image:

docker build -t "regen-events-indexer" .

Start the postgres server:

docker run -it -d -p 5432:5432 -e -v ./pg-volume:/var/lib/postgresql/data regen-events-indexer:latest

Regen Setup

The next step is to test the indexer using a local test network.

The following documentation will help you get started:

Postgres indexer configuration

To enable the indexer, go to [tx_index] section in config.toml file. You can find the config.toml file in ~/.regen/config.

Set indexer to psql:

indexer = "psql"

Set psql-conn to the location of the postgres database:

psql-conn = "postgresql://postgres:postgres@"

Start (or restart) the local testnet:

regen start

Perform some transactions on the local testnet.

Performing Queries


Searching is not enabled for the psql indexer type via Tendermint's RPC and therefore the following queries will fail:

  • TxByEvents RPC call
  • TxByHash RPC call
  • tx-by-events REST endpoint
  • tx-by-hash REST endpoint

Log in to postgres container:

docker exec -tiu postgres <container-id>  psql

Change database to regen_events:

\c regen_events

List all database tables:


The above command should return the following output:

           List of relations
 Schema |    Name    | Type  |  Owner   
 public | attributes | table | postgres
 public | blocks     | table | postgres
 public | events     | table | postgres
 public | tx_results | table | postgres
(4 rows)

The following query will get all events from the ecocredit module:

FROM event_attributes
WHERE type LIKE 'regen.ecocredit.%';

The following query will get all events from the data module:

FROM event_attributes
WHERE type LIKE 'regen.data.%';

The following query will get all block events:

SELECT blocks.rowid as block_id, height, chain_id, type, key, composite_key, value
FROM blocks JOIN event_attributes ON (blocks.rowid = event_attributes.block_id)
WHERE event_attributes.tx_id IS NULL; 

The following query will get all events from modules using legacy events (e.g. the bank module):

FROM attributes JOIN events ON events.rowid=attributes.event_id
WHERE attributes.value LIKE '%bank%';