# Tendermint Postgres Indexer

Tendermint provides an option for node operators to index transactions and events (opens new window). Transactions and events can either be indexed in a kv indexer or psql indexer.

This document provides instructions for setting up a psql indexer.

# Dependencies

  • Docker >=20.10
  • Postgres >=v14.5
  • Tendermint >=v0.34.15

# Repository Setup

The first step is to create a new repository that will be the home of the indexer.

mkdir indexer
cd indexer
git init

# Schema Setup

The next step will be creating the schema for the database. We will be using the tendermint schema available here (opens new window).

curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/tendermint/tendermint/v0.34.15/state/indexer/sink/psql/schema.sql > schema.sql

The above schema creates three VIEWS:

  • event_attributes
  • block_events
  • tx_events

# Docker Setup

The next step will be creating a Dockerfile in the root of the repository with the following content:

FROM postgres:14.5-alpine

ENV POSTGRES_DB regen_events
COPY schema.sql /docker-entrypoint-initdb.d/


CMD ["postgres"]

# Postgres Setup

Now that we have the schema and dockerfile setup, the next step is building the docker image and starting the postgres server.

Build the docker image:

docker build -t "regen-events-indexer" .

Start the postgres server:

docker run -it -d -p 5432:5432 -e -v ./pg-volume:/var/lib/postgresql/data regen-events-indexer:latest

# Regen Setup

The next step is to test the indexer using a local test network.

The following documentation will help you get started:

# Postgres indexer configuration

To enable the indexer, go to [tx_index] section in config.toml file. You can find the config.toml file in ~/.regen/config.

Set indexer to psql:

indexer = "psql"

Set psql-conn to the location of the postgres database:

psql-conn = "postgresql://postgres:postgres@"

Start (or restart) the local testnet:

regen start

Perform some transactions on the local testnet.

# Performing Queries


Searching is not enabled for the psql indexer type via Tendermint's RPC and therefore the following queries will fail:

  • TxByEvents RPC call
  • TxByHash RPC call
  • tx-by-events REST endpoint
  • tx-by-hash REST endpoint

Log in to postgres container:

docker exec -tiu postgres <container-id>  psql

Change database to regen_events:

\c regen_events

List all database tables:


The above command should return the following output:

           List of relations
 Schema |    Name    | Type  |  Owner   
 public | attributes | table | postgres
 public | blocks     | table | postgres
 public | events     | table | postgres
 public | tx_results | table | postgres
(4 rows)

The following query will get all events from the ecocredit module:

FROM event_attributes
WHERE type LIKE 'regen.ecocredit.%';

The following query will get all events from the data module:

FROM event_attributes
WHERE type LIKE 'regen.data.%';

The following query will get all block events:

SELECT blocks.rowid as block_id, height, chain_id, type, key, composite_key, value
FROM blocks JOIN event_attributes ON (blocks.rowid = event_attributes.block_id)
WHERE event_attributes.tx_id IS NULL; 

The following query will get all events from modules using legacy events (e.g. the bank module):

FROM attributes JOIN events ON events.rowid=attributes.event_id
WHERE attributes.value LIKE '%bank%';